Divine Dish FAQ

Where do you deliver to?
A Divine Dish offers an exclusive delivery service of meal packages to Invercargill, Queenstown Lakes district & Dunedin on Wednesday and Friday via courier. Rural delivery can at times be tricky depending on location due to taking 2 days so best to call and we can have a chat about it.
We are also able to deliver throughout the South Island on request but are unable to service rural areas as of yet. It is best to call for a chat if the delivery is outside the current standard areas.

What days do you deliver this?
Standard delivery days are currently Wednesdays and Fridays although if you have an urgent need for a Divine Dish, give us a call and if we have your order in stock we can often deliver to you within 24 hours.

Are the meals fresh or frozen?
All Divine meals are made fresh and frozen on the day of cooking to ensure optimum freshness and quick delivery to our clients. This also gives the meals a longer shelf life once they are delivered.

The exception of the Dinner party package is delivered fresh.

We are able to deliver fresh if it ties in with the cooking days. Feel free to leave a note on the order if this is your preference. We can also always defrost ready for reheating before sending if needed.

How are the meals packaged?
The meals are packed into foil trays which are sealed and labelled. We choose foil as it is recyclable and we try to minimise plastic use.

They are then packaged into chiller bins with an information sheet of how to take care of your meals and ice packs to ensure safe protected travels. This ensures the food is kept at a safe and correct temperature until it is delivered to the destination.

We are currently working on a more sustainable option for freight packaging but are yet to find a solution to keep the meals chilled enough so are continuing to use the chiller bins.

What do I do with my chiller bin and ice packs?
You are welcome to keep this to use for future uses but if you would like this collected, please let us know and we can organise collection from you.

We re-use these for catering. If you are re-ordering please leave your bins at the door where your meals will be delivered and we will remove for you.

Can I order a standing order on behalf of someone?
Yes this is something we do. This is often requested by customers who would like their elderly parents to received a set amount of meals a week so that they can have piece of mind that they are looked after and nourished with good food.

You tell us the amount you would like to spend and we can send out a package each week or fortnight with a selection of Divine dishes.

What is the shelf life of your products?
The meals are chilled then frozen on the day of creation. This is to ensure you have maximum shelf life once your order is received.

Once you receive your meals, you can either transfer to the fridge where they can defrost and then you have three days to eat them or place them back into the freezer for up to 6 months.

Do you use free range chicken and eggs?
Yes we do use free range chicken, eggs and the finest ingredients in our dishes.

We still hand select each and every item that is used to ensure the highest quality products are used at all times. This is always evident in the finished product.

Do you cater for allergies?
Yes, around 80% of our dishes are Gluten free, we also cater for dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and keto.

Each menu item stipulates which allergies it will cater for. The dishes are also labelled to ensure it is clear on the packaging.

Am I able to order one meal?
There is a minimum order of $40 when ordering online.

This is due to the cost of packaging and shipping. If you would like to just try one dish feel free to call and we can organise this for you.

Am I able to pick up my order?
Yes absolutely, this saves you money on shipping and often means you can receive your order urgently. Please call and we will give you location details for the Divine kitchen and organise a suitable time.

How complicated is the Dinner party delivered to cook?
As easy as preheating the oven, heating, tossing, serving and then you can claim it as your own.

Each component is made fresh and individually packaged and labelled. It is delivered complete with a detailed run sheet which states which dishes are served together, along with reheating instructions to ensure perfect timing for execution of a flawless meal.

We suggest that you have one person who is happy to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen on the night to put components together and heat the food.

What days do you deliver this?
Standard delivery days are currently Wednesdays and Fridays although if you have special date you are wanting a Divine Dinner party delivered send us an email and we can organise this for you. It is best eaten within 24 hours of delivery.

NOTE: For the eight week period of 17th February – Mid April 2020 delivery days will be Fridays only but there will be pickup options throughout the week.